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Check out the information about some projects we are involved in, such as 'Active in Mission', Refugee Sponsorship, our annual bottle drive, our regular CBM can collection, or our Partner in Mission, Andre Sibomana.

Hopeful Gifts of Change

We will be supporting the Hopeful Gifts for Change campaign again in during Christmas season 2023.

Annual October Bottle Drive

Donate your refundables to be used for the funding of important mission projects, as this year we again support our latest commitment to Syrian family Refugee Sponsorship. 

The 2023 Bottle Drive is happening Saturday, October 21 from 9 am to noon in the church parking lot.

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Partner in Mission update

May 2023 Partner in mission update - Andre Sibomana.


Active in Mission Thank you 2022

We were pleased to have Harry Gardner and Earle Illsley  represent Kentville Baptist again this year in the Active In Mission challenge by walking each day for a week for CBM vulnerable kids and orphans education in Rwanda.

The 2022 goal was to keep kids learning in the 9 countries where CBM is are currently working (Bolivia, India, Rwanda, Lebanon, Myanmar, DR Congo, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala and the Philippines).  The fundraising goal was $60,000 towards kids’ education programs so that children can hope for a better future.


Thanks to all who donated and supported our contribution  this project! Discover more about Active in Mission at

Partner in Mission update

Partner in mission update - Andre Sibomana.

Our Partner in Mission
Andre Sibomana

André joined CBM in 2011 and now serves in Rwanda as Africa Team Leader. In this role, André works with our African church partners to determine and accomplish shared objectives and coaches and empowers our Global Field Staff. He supports to Canadian church partnerships and facilitates SENT trips, which provide Canadians with hands-on global discipleship experience. His expertise and cultural understanding are invaluable in creating effective strategies for CBM’s ministry throughout the continent.

André first worked with CBM as the Integral Mission Coordinator, supporting short-term mission trips to Rwanda. In 2015, he became the Director of Community Development for the Association of Baptist Churches of Rwanda (AEBR). His work involved managing joint projects between CBM and the AEBR, including kids at risk and food security initiatives. At the same time, André was also the lead pastor of a small local church in Kigali until 2018.

André and his wife Therese have five children, who are teenagers.

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